Covenant Presbyterian Church


July 3, 2016:  The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost 





July 3, 20116:  The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost





About Covenant Presbyterian

Our Mission Statement

We at Covenant

     By the power of the Holy Spirit

          will continually provide an accepting community

Where everyone is actively invited

     to be a part of God’s family

Where we all can  be encourage and nurtured

     by the reconciling  love  of God in Christ Jesus.



Nosotros en Alianza,

Con el poder del Espíritu Santo,

proporcionaremos continuamente a una comunidad que acepta,

dónde todos son invitados activamente a formar parte de la familia de Dios,

dónde todos nosotros podemos ser favorecidos y podemos ser alimentados,

por el amor que reconcilia con Dios en Jesucristo.

How to contact us:
Phone:  (970)434-5683
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address:  237 32 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81506
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About Us




This is an outstandingly friendly congregation!

Without overwhelming you, we can 

help you feel accepted and included!


This is the friendliest church I have ever attended.” --- Newcomer

“The advantage of our small church is the friendship; everyone knows each other.  It is like a big happy family! We would love for you to visit our friendly church, and you can be the judge.” --- New couple to the Grand Valley

“Friendliest Church in the Valley!” --- Father of teenagers in our youth group

“Covenant is a place where you feel comfortable to be just as you are and you want to extend the same feeling to others.” --- Church leader who had little church experience before coming to Covenant ten years ago  


“Although a diversified group of people, they have something in common – a combination of friendliness and happiness which has made it our kind of church!” --- Active member for over 20 years  


“I am grateful for the warm welcoming presence I feel when my young granddaughter and I attend Covenant Presbyterian Church.” --- Church visitor




This means that jeans as well as full "Sunday dress" are perfectly acceptable.  We value your presence more

than your fashion statement!


“I love our church because everyone is so friendly, and it’s not overly formal.  One time at church camp, I was stung by a bee right under my eye, and everyone cared about that!