That is what we want you to feel at Covenant... Welcomed!

Our members here at Covenant are a friendly bunch. We want you to feel welcome as soon as you walk through our doors. 

Please join us for LIVE STREAMs OF OUR SERVICEs, Information on our upcoming events and fun interaction with Covenant Presbyterian… Please go to our Facebook page and “Like” us:


Worship times for Sunday:
Traditional @ 9:15 am
Contemporary @ 11:00 am

Everyone is invited to either or both services. They are both different in their worship experiences.

-The traditional worship at 9:15am is rich with customary elements – a distinct order of worship including responsive liturgy, unison prayers and music specifically chosen to reflect the culture of the traditional style.

-The contemporary worship at 11am is characterized by the use of contemporary worship music in an informal setting.  Our Praise Team leads congregational singing which comprises a great portion of the service. 

We have a fun fellowship time between the two services.

Please feel free to join in and get to know us!

Soon, you'll feel like you belong.


This means that jeans as well as full "Sunday dress" are perfectly acceptable. 

We value your presence more than your fashion statement!

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“Walking into this place felt like home. The people are so friendly and welcoming. This is a place that treats you like family without the judgment. Loving people.”
— Mallorie T.