Core Values of Covenant:

“Biblically based Christian faith is our core value. We care for each other through friendship and prayer and strive to share God’s love within and outside of our congregation.”

“Follow Jesus…Make Friends…Offer Hope”


We at Covenant
By the power of the Holy Spirit
will continually provide an accepting community
Where everyone is actively invited
to be a part of God’s family
Where we all can be encouraged and nurtured
by the reconciling love of God in Christ Jesus.

“We’ve only been members for a short time but the church quickly became “family” for us. The parishioners are warm and friendly, inviting us to regular breakfasts, lunches and book club meetings that extend our Sunday fellowship. The pastor is an amazing speaker who brings great meaning to the scriptures each week and connects the Bible to our daily lives. My husband finds that he engages in meaningful prayer more often throughout each day because of our participation in the church community. “
— Don and Sharon H.